The End of Happiness (Movie Review)

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness is a Korean drama which deals with the aftermath of a terrorist attack in Seoul. Tae-Seok, who plays the lead role in the show, takes the lead mission throughout. In one scene, he kills Yi-Hyun with a gunshot, but later he is cured of his illness. He also saves Joo-hyeong from a bullet in her stomach. This episode is packed with tense moments, with fighting and confessions.

This film also deals with the aftermath of a violent attack on a gay couple. The two lead characters, Moon Ye-won and Hae-sung, are in this situation. Yi-hyun has taken the Next pill to control his thirst, but his partner, Yoon-sung, is not happy. The next day, he is kidnapped by Yeon-ok and taken to a research center. While at the research facility, Yi-hyun is attempting to rob Andrew of his gun. In the process, he is shot in the stomach. Sae-bom uses the blood to turn Andrew into a monster.

Happiness depends on the person’s moral character and how well he manages to balance excess and deficiency in the world. It requires intellectual contemplation. The end goal is to realize our rational capacities and achieve happiness. It requires the courage and discipline to confront difficult questions. Then, it’s time to confront the real causes of our suffering. And let us not forget that we are only human. So, what exactly is happiness?