How to Be More Human

How to be More Human

The industrial revolution taught us all about mass production and human dependency. Today, ATMs and call centers have replaced the traditional local bank teller in most places. However, by providing a human face to your business, you can be an industry leader. Read on to discover some practical ways to be more human. And try these ideas when you’re talking with your colleagues and friends. They might surprise you. Here are a few:

Create a genuine connection with your customers. Humans make mistakes and are vulnerable, and good humans know when to apologize or try harder. Having a completely artificial social media presence can come across as less human than you might think. While artificial intelligence and other technologies can streamline operations and automate tasks, communicating with other human beings will make your brand feel more human. Whether you’re posting pictures of your family, sharing your favorite recipes, or interacting with your co-workers, try to be human in every way.

Reebok’s latest campaign, “Be More Human,” challenges the idea of beauty. The company is challenging the norm and encouraging fitness enthusiasts to rebel against shiny selfies. Reebok is partnering with athletes and employees to create the #breakyourselfie movement. They’ll be featuring outstanding submissions in a photo essay, which tells the story of a person or group of friends. The ‘Be More Human’ campaign begins with a television commercial on NBC February 1, 2015.