The End of Happiness (Movie Review)

The End of Happiness

At the end of the first episode, the audience is shocked to learn that Yi-hyun has recovered from a virus and is alive. In fact, he seems to have survived the virus after biting the woman who had an affair with him and attacked him for money. This is the climax of the show, but the viewers still have mixed feelings. Despite this, the drama’s end was still pleasing to most viewers.

Tae Seok, Yi Hyun, and Sae Beom are all the main characters in ‘Happiness.’ While in the apartment, Yi-hyun is able to control her thirst and is able to calm down. Meanwhile, Tae-sok and his team of soldiers return and sequester the remaining tenants. Meanwhile, Yi-hyun tries to rob Andrew and is shot in the stomach, but Sae-bom saves her by turning him using her blood.

Happiness is a highly desirable state. The desire for happiness should be aspirational, not merely gratifying. People who pursue happiness are generally moral, and have a good sense of humor. They also exhibit courage, generosity, justice, and a sense of civic duty. Intellectually, happiness is a result of self-actualization, and the fulfillment of our rational capacities. But happiness isn’t achieved through gratification.

Despite these problems, the film focuses on a very important issue: our happiness. In this context, we must learn to choose between happiness and destruction. In this regard, ‘The End of Happiness’ offers a solution to both problems. While some people may not be able to achieve happiness, many others can. The movie argues that happiness is the goal, and ‘Happiness’ shows us that the opposite is also true.