How to Be More Human

How to be More Human

There are many ways to become more human. Empathy, for example, is the ability to relate to the feelings of another. In the days before computers, calculating large numbers was a prized activity. Now, a $1 solar calculator does the same task just as accurately and quickly. There are many qualities that distinguish humans from machines. Babies are the least human of all because they cannot talk or walk upright. Their brains are undeveloped, so they cannot fully comprehend their own feelings and those of others.

Brands need to focus on all their interactions with consumers. From customer service to writing, a more human experience can be created through personalization. Whether you’re talking to a customer or a potential customer, real human interaction will build a relationship. In fact, consumers seek out brands that take the time to get to know their customers. By being more human, brands can get more customers. It’s never too late to start a journey.

The Reebok #BeMoreHuman campaign aims to challenge our perception of beauty by encouraging fitness enthusiasts to rebel against shiny selfies and post broken selfies. Reebok athletes and employees will take part in the “Be More Human Experience,” and the best submissions will be featured in a photo essay called the #breakyourselfie. The photo essay will highlight the story of an individual or group of friends. The campaign will begin with a TV ad on NBC on February 1, 2015.