How to Be Less Human

The covid-19 outbreak is a textbook case of how our society has lost its human value because of prejudice. Many scientists and psychologists have studied the relationship between prejudice and illness. Many have noted that most people will deny having prejudices, but it does not mean that we should not be concerned with them. There are many ways to be less human. Here are a few ways to become less human. Hopefully, these methods will become more common.

When people remember past dishonesty, they attribute less human traits to themselves than when they recall being honest. Self-dehumanization leads to unethical behavior. The researchers used memory tasks to explore this phenomenon. They asked participants to write about times when they were honest or dishonest. They made sure to limit the amount of memory each participant could recall. To test whether participants’ memories of dishonesty were distorted, they divided them into three groups. One group wrote about instances when they lied, while the other wrote about times when they were honest.