How to Be Less Human – Season 2

How to be Less Human

The second season of “How to Be Less Human” focuses on a love triangle. The love interest of season one is Simone, who is drawn to Alex, who teaches the new androids the best ways to be less human. The original android Frankie falls in love with Andrew, who eventually becomes her partner. But the love triangle is ambiguous and leaves you wondering who is the real love interest. The answer is Andrew, who’s more like a human, but has an intense crush on Simone, who is an android that wants to be human.

Kouchaki and colleagues looked into why people think they’re less human when they commit unethical behaviors. The researchers asked people to write down memories about their own honesty and dishonesty. The idea was to limit how many memories participants would recall. They divided participants into three groups: one group wrote about their own unethical actions, while the other group wrote about how they spend their evenings. While the results were largely surprising, the researchers have been working on ways to increase morality in the workplace.