The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness

“The End of Happiness” is the latest Korean drama to hit screens, starring Moon Ye-won and Hae-sung. This is an apocalyptic thriller set in a building full of zombies. Andrew and Yi Hyun are trapped in a building, with Yi Hyun being turned into a zombie and biting Andrew’s neck. But what happens next? The end of happiness is looming, and these characters will fight to protect the remaining residents.

There are many reasons why we might be unhappy, but happiness is related to the desires of our minds. For example, a delicious meal can bring us happiness, but then we might be hungry a few hours later and miss it. Eating delicious food can also bring back a feeling of happiness. It’s important to note that happiness is related to our minds and yearnings, and when they don’t last, the peace of mind ends.

The End of Happiness explores this idea by examining how memory works. Kahneman and his associates showed that the way an experience ends can determine how happy you are. In 1993, they demonstrated that participants rated a cold water experience as painful. By contrast, a hot water experience could lead to a feeling of happiness. The end of happiness, in Kahneman’s book, has implications for psychology and how we live our lives.