Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a world without fear – Max Lucado offers hope for a world that seems to be filled with fear and uncertainty. His timeless messages can be gleaned from his bestselling book, Fearless. Whether it’s through a book discussion or a DVD, this book provides inspiration and calm in an age of fear. It is also a good read for individual reflection. If you’re struggling with fear, imagine a world without it.

In a world without fear, we will no longer live in constant fear of the police or men harassing women. We will not need soldiers or religious fanatics to save society from calamity. There will be no more wars and political drama. Our governments will work to reduce climate change. And we’ll have a world that is compassionate towards all people. Imagine a world without fear, and you’ll have a much better life than the one we live today.