The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

What is The Meaning of Life? How does one discover it? The meaning of life varies from person to person and is dependent on the individual’s pro-attitudes. Some of the most common instances of what constitutes a meaningful life are achieving goals, getting what one wants, and doing what one believes to be important. Influential subjectivists maintain that the relevant mental state is one of caring and loving. Regardless of your personal philosophy, there are several ways to discover The Meaning of Life.

Ultimately, meaning is good for itself, not necessarily happiness or rightness. But most contemporary analytic philosophers will argue that relevant value is absent from experience machines. This line of thinking largely underlines the centrality of choice in life. Goetz contrasts this view with Greek mythology, where the character Sisyphus is known for rolling a stone up a hill for eternity. This approach reflects the changing philosophy of life and is an important tool to find a meaningful purpose.

A second approach focuses on the spiritual realm. Many philosophers have posited that the soul is the source of meaning. But this view has many critics who claim that the soul-centered perspective is not sufficient. For example, Swenson (2001) asserts that the meaning of life does not arise from a God. Instead, it comes from man’s inner essence and not from external circumstances. It also argues that there is a sense of meaning in the physical world.