The End of Fear by Josh Doyle

The End of Fear

Josh Doyle’s EP The End of Fear is full of dark and unsettling moments. This film is about fear, and the consequences of not facing it. The story revolves around a wealthy family who are threatened by their teenage daughter’s relationship with a mysterious young man. But there is more to Fear than meets the eye. The ending of the film is a powerful reminder that our fears are nothing more than mere illusions. Rather than letting our fears rule our lives, we must learn to confront our own reality, and begin to experience peace.

The author lays out a strategy for overcoming fear, and shares some of their 30 years of psychotherapy experience. This plan involves exploring the trigger that caused the fear, which can help us determine whether it is a legitimate threat. It also suggests ways to soothe fear, such as listening to music or taking 10 deep breaths. These practices are incredibly effective, and will help us free ourselves from the crippling effects of fear and experience life in a more positive way.

While the story is not entirely about love, it does focus on injustice and inequity. In the case of fear, the town of Shadyside is cursed by a young woman named Sarah Fier, who was murdered in 1666 for being a witch. Inequitable as the execution of Sarah Fier’s killer was, the puritanical leadership used their oppressive power to end the lives of those outside the accepted norm.