Three Tips on How to Be More Human in the Workplace

How to be More Human

If you are having conversations with co-workers or colleagues, you should remember three simple tips on how to be more human in the workplace. Engage in real conversations, look each other in the eye, listen to each other, and make the time to be genuine. You may discover nuanced ideas that you would never have thought of otherwise. Also, be respectful and kind to everyone. Even if you disagree with someone, have a conversation and find out what makes them tick.

Brands must be more human at every point of interaction with consumers. Personalized customer service and marketing are crucial elements of a more human brand experience. Personalization also extends to the tone of voice and writing used in communications. Using real human interaction on social media is crucial in building a genuine relationship with customers. As a result, more customers will become loyal to the brand. But how can brands make the connection with consumers?