Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a World Without Fear

What if we could create a world without fear? Imagine a world where women are free from sexual harassment and men do not fear the police. We would treat immigrants and refugees with compassion. We would not have religious fanatics who commit suicide or soldiers who sacrifice themselves to protect society. We would live in a world where people don’t fear one another and where nonviolent methods of solving conflict are the norm. Our planet will no longer be threatened by climate change, and we will have no drama.

Fear is a dangerous enemy. It controls our thoughts and feelings, and it can even affect our behavior. But Max Lucado has come up with a wonderful strategy to break free of fear. He shows us how to replace our fears with faith. By doing this, we can overcome the fear-induced restrictions that limit us from living a full life. And it works! You’ll be surprised at how much more positive and joyful your life can become.