Happiness and the Zika Virus

The End of Happiness

The upcoming drama, ‘The End of Happiness,’ focuses on the repercussions of a virus. Infected people are at risk of dying. However, there are those who are protected. In the climactic episode of the series, Yi Hyun is cured of her infection and is given a loving kiss by Sae-bom. The ending of Happiness has received positive reviews from fans. Before the drama, viewers were afraid that the screenwriter would end the drama with a sad or punishment note. Fortunately, the ending has satisfied both audiences and critics.

According to the peak-end rule, the end of an experience determines its happiness. This rule can be illustrated in two classic experiments. In 1993, Kahneman and his colleagues demonstrated that cold water made participants feel more painful. They then rated a subsequent experience with the water as pleasant or unpleasant. These results were consistent throughout the entire study. During the next experiment, participants were given an ice-cold bath. Despite the fact that the water was only four degrees Celsius, they reported that the experience was uncomfortable.

The Zika virus has undoubtedly affected happiness in the U.S. and around the world. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, four in ten U.S. adults experienced anxiety or depression during the lockdown restrictions in March and April 2020. Meanwhile, in the U.K., the virus has affected people in the country during its lockdown and loosened restrictions. However, the impact of the virus on happiness may be overstated.