Why Humans Love Music

Why Humans Love Music

Researchers have long debated the question of Why Humans Love Music. But one thing seems certain: music creates a powerful emotional response. According to one theory, our innate love of music is based on a complex science of communicative musicality. We all enjoy different kinds of music, and are attracted to different styles and genres for different reasons. Let’s look at some of the theories that explain why humans enjoy music.

The answer depends on the person. Some people may find music addictive while others may simply enjoy the emotional release that it provides. But no matter what the cause, music has been shown to increase dopamine levels in the brain. While the answer is complicated, one thing is certain: we can listen to different types of music for days on end, and never get tired of it. And if you’re like most people, music can even lead to addiction!

The same is true for other types of music. In fact, some studies show that music that activates the release of dopamine in the brain may even help people live longer. But this only works when people are exposed to music they already know. If the music is unfamiliar to them, they’ll be less likely to enjoy it, and won’t get the dopamine rush associated with it. Likewise, the reward associated with familiar music may have a distinctly different effect.