How to Be Less Human – A Study of Self-Dehumanization

How to be Less Human

In the second season, the love triangle between Frankie, the original android, and Andrew, the new one, is the central theme, though the resolution isn’t exactly satisfying. Alex’s goal is to teach the new androids how to be less human, but things go awry as his plan falls apart. While the love triangle seems like an intriguing concept, it doesn’t help that the show is not a rousing success.

This idea that unethical behavior makes people think of themselves as less human has been studied before. A recent study found that people who feel they aren’t fully human attribute less human traits to themselves. That’s because self-dehumanization can lead people to behave unethically. To test this theory, Kouchaki and his team asked participants to write about the times when they were honest and when they were dishonest. To keep the research as objective as possible, Kouchaki and his colleagues divided the participants into groups. One group wrote about lying and the other group wrote about being honest. The third group wrote about spending their evenings.