What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

What will the Singularity Feel Like

When the speed of science and technology increases to such an extent that the human mind can no longer keep up, a rupture occurs in human history. The resulting world will bear little resemblance to the one we know today. Humans will merge with machines, ageing will be eradicated, and we will have superhumanly intelligent robots. Nanofactories will manipulate molecules, drastically reducing material scarcity and eliminating the practical need for human labour.

As the AI becomes smarter, human capabilities will begin to decline. Humans will struggle to keep up with the technological advances, while others will choose to ignore the new technology and let AI grow. Those who choose to resist AI will be left behind. If they choose to cooperate with machines, however, they will be the centaurs of the future. Hopefully, we will be there to help the computers learn and guide their growth.

As we become more dependent on machines, the possibility of a technological singularity is increasingly likely. Although futurist Ray Kurzweil predicted the Singularity would occur in the 2045, Gale and co-authors believe it is closer than we think. Quantum computing is one of the key factors bringing about this event. A new program known as AlphaGO that uses neural networks and learning modes has already defeated Lee Sedol, the Go world champion. Perhaps the next machine champion will be in the game StarCraft II.

How soon will AI reach superhuman intelligence? That is the question that is haunting the minds of many. Several recent surveys and research have provided hints as to how far we’re a long way away. Some believe that AGI will arrive in the 2050s, while others say it will be earlier than that. The experts also think that it will occur in 2050 or earlier. Ultimately, the question of what will the Singularity feel like is one that we can’t answer.