The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness is an interesting Korean drama. In this show, two police officers, Yi Hyun and Sae Beom, are on a mission to save people who are not infected. In the end, Yi Hyun is cured of the disease, and she and Sae Bom share a loving kiss. The ending of the show has pleased fans because they feared that the screenwriter might end the drama on a sad note, or with punishment.

While these actions might bring us pleasure, they do not prove our happiness. We may find solace in bodily pleasures when we are despotic, but this does not mean that we’re happy. And vice versa. Boys and men think different things, and they value different things. Similarly, good and bad men value different things. For instance, boys think that things that they value are best. They think that these things make them happy.

Aristotle is another philosopher who focused on happiness. Like Mencius, he argued that happiness is the ultimate goal of life, and that it is an exercise of virtue. The end of life is the only time at which we can fully achieve happiness. In his book, happiness is the culmination of human nature, the exercise of reason and displaying moral character. Intellectual contemplation is the ultimate realization of our rational capacities.