The End of Fear and “Fear Street Part 2”

The End of Fear

The End of Fear is a fascinating documentary from director Barbara Visser. In it, the two explore the concept of fear’s demise, from its power to undermine one’s confidence to its destructive effects on the experience of life. By transforming the way we experience fear, we can realize the potential of peace, joy, and love. However, this notion must be approached with a sense of humility. In The End of Fear, Visser shows how to overcome fear and live a life of peace, joy, and love.

To manage fear effectively, start by gaining self-awareness. Naming a feeling gives you time to reflect on the situation. It also allows you to make a more conscious response. Next, investigate the trigger, and if possible, try to determine if it is a genuine threat. Lastly, practice self-soothing. Relaxing by listening to music or taking 10 deep breaths can help you move beyond a fight, flight, or freeze reaction.

In the second film, “Fear Street Part 2” (2001), we see that the body of Sarah Fier has been separated from her hand. The reuniting of the hand and body should put Sarah Fier’s soul at peace. But how do we know? Deena’s consciousness apparently transported itself into Sarah’s body. They find a solution that will break the curse on Sarah Fier. The film continues with the events of the Camp Nightwing Massacre.