The End of Fear – Barbara Visser and Richard Bonney

The End of Fear

In The End of Fear, Richard and Bonney draw on over 30 years of experience as psychotherapists to give us a clear plan for dealing with fear. Fear can undermine our confidence and life experience, and it can keep us from experiencing peace, joy, and love. We can learn to transform our fear by exploring our own gratitude, compassion, and truth. Fear is a powerful emotion that we need to acknowledge and learn to manage, but we can’t let it control our lives.

In The End of Fear, Barbara Visser investigates the value of contemporary art, examining how artists are viewed, how they are perceived, and how the artist uses the work to make a living. Art can evoke feelings of awe and visceral protest, but is this enough? Does art deserve to be viewed in the same way it’s created? Is it necessary to protect it? It may be, but we must first understand why it’s so important.

The climax of Fear Street: Part 2 – 1978 is the revealing moment for Sarah Fier’s fate. Her hand was cut on a stone called Satan’s Stone, and the re-uniting her hand with her body should put her soul at peace. Ultimately, Sarah Fier’s fate will be revealed in the next episode of Fear Street, in which Sarah Fier finds the body of her lover, and Deena and Sam’s consciousness travel into the body of her beloved.