Why Humans Love Music

Have you ever wondered why humans love music? Well, music has always been a way for people to connect and communicate with one another. According to Aristotle, the human species is a social animal, and it is possible that music has contributed to that sociability. Scientists are currently investigating the role of music in natural selection. If you’ve ever wished to know the secrets behind the creation and appreciation of music, keep reading.

It is widely believed that music can trigger deep emotional responses in listeners. This is reflected in the fact that familiar music can still re-stimulate the same emotions as a piece that you may have heard decades ago. According to music psychologist Ed Large, listening to music can alter the brain’s response to the dynamics of music. Music can increase or decrease the level of emotion in listeners, so it’s important to listen to music that triggers these deep feelings.

The brain area responsible for music enjoyment is known as the striatum. Music is believed to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that promotes pleasure and happiness. However, music is not considered an essential necessity for survival, but it can still affect the brain’s activity levels. The researchers believe that this association exists between music and dopamine, which makes listening to music an escape from reality. There are many reasons why humans love music.