The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness

In The End of Happiness, we see the lives of many different characters. The main characters of the show are Seung-Young, Sae-Bom, and Yi-Hyun. We also get to see many of their backstories, including their time in the military. In the beginning of the series, the main character, Yi-Hyun, was living a privileged life in a wealthy family. However, the show quickly shattered all those expectations, and now the story is moving into a more serious vein.

The End of Happiness examines how happiness has become a thing. It’s no longer just an idea, it’s a movement, as we can see from Nixon McInnes’ happy ball tracker at work, the Action for Happiness initiative, TED talks, online happiness behaviour change programs, Chief Happiness Officers, and a host of other examples. The dangers of happiness becoming a thing, however, lie in its over-exploitation.

While Aristotle’s definition of happiness is a useful guide for life, it is too subjective. Individuals have different tastes, talents, and enjoyments. Therefore, what one person finds satisfying may be completely different from another’s idea of happiness. In order to achieve the ideal life, an individual must be prepared to make difficult choices. The lesser good promises instant pleasure, but the greater good requires sacrifice. For this reason, it’s critical to have a strong willpower.

The end of happiness in our lives is directly related to how we choose to view others. We often look at those who are better off than us as an example of what we should strive for. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should strive to be better than others, because the end result of comparing people who are happier than us is not the same as the desired happiness. The End of Happiness can be the defining moment in our lives.