What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

Throughout the 20th century, scientists and authors have speculated about what the future might hold for man. Some have speculated that artificial intelligence might come soon, while others have pointed out that machines might not be far off. While some experts predict a time when man will not need to rely on his own intellect, others believe that the singularity will be a long time away. Regardless of whether it comes quickly or takes a long time, the future is exciting and terrifying.

Despite the potential dangers of fully automated intelligence, people will still be able to resist the idea of total reliance on AI. AIs will be able to dial down their role in different areas, like romance, finance, health, and so on. For example, their Soulband AI could be programmed to provide a fifty-five percent romance, seventy-five percent finance, and one hundred percent health. They could be a guardian-angel AI, watching over their best friend. Likewise, a judo athlete can be a mountaineer and a poet can be a poet, both at an age of 79.

A recent survey of ninety-five AI experts revealed that they believe the AI singularity will come sooner rather than later. Among them, 90% said the time frame for the arrival of AGI is 2075 or even sooner. Similarly, an AI entity will be so complex that it will be able to interview humans in interviews. If the singularity comes sooner than we might think, then we might as well get ready.