Why Do Humans Love Music?

Why Humans Love Music

Why do humans love music? It could be because music triggers our dopamine system, causing us to feel different emotions. But there’s no one single answer to the question. It’s probably because music has been used as an addictive substance for centuries. The benefits of music are many and varied. Listening to different music has no end. Listeners can keep on listening for days. Whether it is classical or pop music, people never tire of it.

One study by McGill University looked at people’s brains and the response to different music. In the first condition, participants’ brains responded to musical timbres and emotions. When a participant listened to a song with a high-quality timbre, they were more likely to experience emotional arousal. Another study tested subjects’ empathy and musical taste. It revealed that the more empathy a person has, the more they would like listening to a particular piece of music.

Music triggers dopamine release in the brain, which is responsible for making us happy. This hormone releases dopamine when we enjoy something, whether it’s a song or a movie. If the brain is bombarded with enough dopamine, the sensation will become addictive. This process can be so pronounced that it can cause us to develop addictions to certain genres. So why do humans love music? Here are some reasons.