The End of Happiness – Aristotle’s Ethics

The End of Happiness

This episode of “The End of Happiness” starts out with a shocking twist. In the epilogue, Sae-Bom discovers that his mother is infected by a deadly infectious disease, and he is on a mission to protect them. The drama continues to tease us with the lingering effects of the disease as we learn more about the treatment. Meanwhile, Tae-Seok administers a blood antidote to Yi-Hyun and her mother, and both of them recover.

Aristotle’s ethics were teleological, meaning that all things aim towards a common good. Happiness is the highest good for humans. Specifically, it involves moving towards a final end in human development and utilizing human capacities to reach that end. However, individual happiness cannot be separated from the good of a community, which represents the completion of human activity. Thus, we should try to achieve both. Aristotle’s concept of happiness began with a desire to help humankind achieve its ultimate goals.