Imagine a World Without Fear by Max Lucado

Imagine a World Without Fear

Is it possible to imagine a world without fear? Many of us would say that it is. Each day we face fresh reasons to be afraid – layoffs at work, the slowing economy, Middle East flare-ups, turnover at headquarters, the housing market crashing, or even the threat of terrorism. While there are some ways to reduce the stress and fear we experience on a daily basis, we cannot avoid the fact that we live in a dangerous world.

If we live in a world where everyone is free from fear, then our lives would be better and more peaceful. People would no longer have to worry about getting harassed or being shot by a man. People would no longer have to fear police. People of color and immigrants would be treated with compassion. Every child would be loved and cared for and conflict would be solved by peaceful means. All governments would work toward reducing climate change.

Throughout the book, Max Lucado presents timeless messages that are applicable in today’s chaotic world. This book is not only a motivational read, but can be used as a catalyst for group discussions and individual reflections. It is a great choice for those seeking to break free from the chains of fear. Whether you are looking to get rid of apprehension, or you are searching for a way to overcome fear, this book will change your life and the way you think about yourself and the world, forever.