The End of Fear

The End of Fear

In The End of Fear, Barbara Visser, a Danish filmmaker, examines the notion that art no longer inspires awe or visceral protest. The documentary aims to change that perception. It explores the ways that fear can affect our confidence and our experience of life. In the process, it releases our potential for peace, joy, and love. It is a compelling, if largely unsettling, watch.

The End of Fear opens with Sam accidentally disturbing the burial site of a deceased person named Sarah Fier. The ensuing evil spirit of Sarah Fier attacks anyone tainted by her blood. Those possessed by the spirit are driven to kill. But Sam’s determination to get the truth will drive him to kill the person responsible for the curse. In the aftermath, he discovers a terrifying secret. The End of Fear is an incredibly disturbing and twisted thriller.

The plot of The End of Fear begins as a story of revenge. In 1994, the Fear Street gang attempted to blow up the homes of Shadyside’s most notorious killers. A message left on Ms. Berman’s answering machine warns the gang that Sarah Fier will not be stopped easily. In a revenge mission, David kills his friends and family. In order to gain revenge, David fights Deena and his brother Josh, which ends up with a fatal explosion.

After witnessing a crime, Sam moves to Sunnyvale, where he meets up with the former killer of his wife. They later break up because of the stigma. The end of Fear shows that living a closed off identity has its consequences. And while it may not be a ‘perfect’ story, it does tell us that living a closed off identity has its consequences. The film is also a story about the consequences of embracing a new identity.