The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness is a drama that is quite popular with viewers. The plot is somewhat predictable and carries no real surprises. For the most part, the plot revolves around the two main characters. However, the final episodes do take a turn and make it feel like the story has taken an unexpected turn. In this episode, we see how the two characters came to be in love in the first place. However, the plot does not stop there. It also demonstrates how the characters have evolved since the series started.

In this drama, the characters are both very likable and have their own storylines. Tae Seok’s character was always ready to sacrifice anything for his wife, while Sae Bom would do anything for Yi Hyun. In the beginning, both characters seem to be villains, but by the end, they are seen as good people who are just trying to protect their loved ones. The final episode will be aired on December 10 and 11 respectively.

Aristotle defines happiness as the complete fulfilment of human nature and the exercise of virtue. In other words, happiness is the perfection of human nature. This perfection is only possible through exercise of reason and the development of moral character. In Aristotle’s world, the pursuit of happiness involves difficult choices. A lesser good promises instant pleasure, while the greater good demands sacrifice. The end of happiness is attained by intellectual contemplation, which is the ultimate realization of a person’s rational capacities.