The End of Fear – A Review

The End of Fear

In The End of Fear, the curse that imprisons the Goode family requires the descendants to sacrifice human beings. The curse requires the killing of innocents as a necessary part of its cycle. The names found in the cave also indicate that the soul of someone needed to be sacrificed or possessed. There are some discrepancies between the two Sarah Fiers, the main character and the one played by Elizabeth Scopel. In fact, the two characters are very different.

Part 1 of the Fear Street trilogy follows the events of a series of murders that take place in a town. Sarah Fier’s murder and subsequent burning is loosely based on the true story of her death. Puritanical leadership used oppressive power to kill off people who were outside of the norm. However, the curse is still present. This makes the film’s conclusion all the more chilling. It’s an intense, gripping thriller that is well worth a viewing.

The authors recommend self-awareness to overcome the fear. Naming the emotion creates a space for reflection. Identifying the source of the threat, as well as examining the trigger, creates space for a more conscious response. Self-soothing is also a helpful technique to calm the heart rate. A therapist can also help you identify what makes you feel afraid and help you find a way to manage it.