Why Humans Love Music

Why Humans Love Music

Researchers at McGill University have been studying the reasons why human beings love music. They’ve found that listening to music activates our brain’s reward system, which releases a chemical called dopamine and causes us to feel good. However, the real reason for our love of music is still unknown. Researchers believe that the process is a result of our survival instincts. But what if we could prove the scientific basis of human love of music?

One explanation is that music binds people together. Long before the Walkman, music was defined as social. Churchgoers sing hymns as a form of affirmation for their religion, while national anthems demonstrate loyalty to a country. Even outcasts find communities through music genres that aren’t popular in their society. People are incredibly social creatures who share a common bond with music. For these reasons, it makes sense that music has such a profound impact on our behavior.

The benefits of music are many. Music affects all aspects of human life. From the physical to the emotional, it can help us understand our feelings. Whether it’s happy or sad, music has a powerful effect on our moods. Music can make us feel better about our lives. We can also remember our own past with a certain song or music genre. And while we may never be able to fully explain what it is that makes us human, we can still benefit from listening to music.