How to Be More Human

How to be More Human

As an online marketer, you should understand that your presence on social media has become increasingly important. However, you must avoid making yourself appear artificial. If you create an artificial presence on your social media profile, you will probably end up coming across as un-human. Instead, your customers will prefer to connect with you on a more human level. This means you need to make sure that your content and strategy are anchored on being human.

While traditional learning approaches are fine for the industrial age, they are not appropriate for teaching employees how to be more human. Empathy is not easily taught. Fortunately, there are alternatives that focus on the fundamental attributes of humanity, including mentoring and role modelling. In addition, organizations can make work environments that prioritize the development of human skills and human relationships. For example, if employees are allowed to have flexible schedules, it is possible to foster a strong sense of belonging and connection.

Adaptability is a necessary skill to succeed in today’s climate. Inconsistency will make consumers seek alternatives. McDonald’s, for example, excels at this skill. Their Big Mac tastes the same in China as it does in Chattanooga. Successful humans are able to balance different points of view, understand diverse viewpoints, and adapt well to change. They also have a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, and are capable of communicating with people from different backgrounds.