How to Be Less Human

How to be Less Human

You’ve heard the term “passive aggressive” a lot in the media, but what is it really? If you think of it as a way to manipulate other people into doing your bidding, you’ve probably seen the results of passive aggressiveness. The same goes for apologizing. Having an apology ready to show your humanity is a sign of humility, not ego. If you are a passive aggressive person, you’d do well to learn how to be less human.

Research from Kouchaki and colleagues suggests that people who are dishonest think of themselves as less human. So, when they think of themselves as less human, they tend to behave more unethically. But embracing our human qualities can boost our morality. Here are some tips to do it. To increase your morale, try embracing our human qualities. Let us look at the two common traits that make us human. It may surprise you.