Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a World Without Fear

If you have the desire to live in a world free of fear, imagine what that would be like. We’d live in a world where women don’t need to fear harassment from men, people of color don’t need to be afraid of the police, and every child is loved. Conflicts are resolved peacefully through nonviolent methods and every government works to reduce the effect of climate change. In short, imagine a world without fear.

The word fear holds us hostage. It dictates our choices and affects our views about God and other people. Imagine a world free of fear, and Max Lucado will show you how to overcome this crippling emotion and replace it with faith. The book’s title says it all. Whether you believe in God or not, you can begin to live a life free from fear by reading this book.

In addition to alerting us to limits in our lives, fear can also help us see possibilities. Fearful thoughts often prevent us from taking action, but when paired with courage, they lead to change, innovation, and empowerment. Imagine a world without fear! It’s possible! You can make a difference. There’s no reason to live with fear when you can do anything you want. And you can start by changing your perspective. If you don’t believe in fear, you’ll find it impossible to be fearful of anything.