The End of Happiness

The end of the drama was a shocking end to the series, but fans will not be disappointed. The episode ended with Yi Hyun and Sae Beom sharing a final kiss, making the episode the most dramatic and emotional yet. In the drama, the two main characters become friends, but the plot thickens as the two develop closer relationships. Throughout the drama, both characters have been through many ups and downs.

The end of happiness comes for many reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that it is simply too easy to become happy. We have all experienced this, whether we have been miserable during a trip, delayed by traffic, or both. Often, we feel dreadful memories whenever we travel. But this feeling of frustration and loss doesn’t have to be a permanent part of our lives. We can learn from our experiences and apply them to our lives.

Kant’s arguments against happiness are based on his study of memory over time. In his experiments, he showed that participants rated cold water as painful or not. This was a perfect example of the ‘peak-end rule’ at work. And Kant also showed that we often misremember events in our lives. This suggests that our memories are often false and we need to examine our motives to find our true purpose in life.