The End of Happiness – Epilogue

The End of Happiness

The series wrapped up its first season with a whirlwind episode involving Yi-Hyun. In the previous episode, Sae-Bom and Yi-Hyun’s mother were chatting on the phone. The mother was infected, but she plays it off as a cold. Meanwhile, Seo-Yoon is preparing for surgery and asks Sae-Bom to watch her while she recovers. During the episode, she begins to feel thirsty. She decides to stay in the apartment, despite the fact that she is afraid to leave her.

Throughout the series, we learn about the psychological battles affecting mankind, class discrimination and an impending apocalypse. A disease known as Happiness is spreading throughout the world, causing people to experience unabashed thirst. Fear of the deadly virus spreads, and the county closes all communication channels. This causes panic and chaos as people seek ways to deal with this situation. The end of happiness is near!

In the epilogue, we see a happy ending. Sae Bom is on a mission to protect people who are not infected. This turns out to be a wonderful surprise for fans of this drama. Although it has been plagued by critics and viewers, the ending was satisfying and much needed. After all, the storyline is based on a true story. The End of Happiness is a must-watch drama for anyone who enjoys Korean television.

The storyline of The End of Happiness has been a popular TV series in South Korea and has also been translated into several other languages. The plot of the show revolves around the struggle of the human race against the disease COVID-19. Happiness is currently airing on tvN every Friday and Saturday at 22:40 (KST). In selected territories, the series is also available on streaming services. If you can’t catch an episode, you can catch up on it on the website below.