The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

The purpose of life is to engage all living things in common purpose. We should live lives of meaning and purpose, not just survive. Human beings are the wondrous expression of the laws of nature and the power of the universe. This makes them worthy of respect and recognition. However, finding our life’s meaning is not a theoretical exercise, but a practical one. Regardless of our religious beliefs or cultural background, it is necessary to determine our own purpose and value system.

Some people believe that life has meaning and purpose. Others say that life has no meaning without reference to a belief system. If life has no meaning, it is just a string of occurrences in the infinite now. It can have no meaning if we don’t help God realize His purpose. This view, however, has some limitations and aims to be controversial. While some people believe in an afterlife and strive to achieve it, others disagree.

The traditional meaning of life question has been questioned by analytic philosophers. Some argued that meaning belongs to the linguistic realm and lives are not proper bearers of it. Others believed that asking a meaningful question about life is a form of emotional response. This question is a different matter from experiencing feelings. This argument has no merit as a philosophical framework. But it is a valid question that merits further investigation.