The End of Happiness Episode 10

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness is a book by Daniel Kahneman. It explores the effects of memories over time. We learn about emotional outbursts, family events, and our capacity to feel happiness. When our happiness doesn’t last, we become anxious or depressed. But even when we’re able to maintain our happiness, it won’t last forever. The book’s premise is that our happiness can be tied to the things our mind yearns for.

Episode 10 begins with a shocking twist. The residents of the secret compound thank Yi Hyun for helping them get rid of the virus. Luckily, they gave him space and time to work on the cure for his illness. Meanwhile, Seo-Yoon visits her mother in the hospital. Although she’s sick, her mother is trying to play off her infection as a common cold. After receiving the infection, Seo-Yoon asks Sae-Bom to watch her while she recovers. Ji Soo and Han Tae Sook also help her leave the compound.

Aristotle also explores the concept of happiness. He claims that the highest form of happiness is achieved by intellectual contemplation. Aristotle also notes that human reason separates us from animals. The exercise of reason leads to virtue. Yet Aristotle also notes that this contemplative life cannot be achieved without an appropriate social and political environment. As a result, the end of Ethics serves as an excellent segue into Politics.