The Meaning of Life

While there are many theories on the meaning of life, most are classified on metaphysical bases. Supernaturalists focus on the spiritual realm, often conceived as God or the soul. However, Mulgan (2015) discusses the meaning of life in terms of an uninteresting God. Naturalists, on the other hand, focus on the physical world and the scientific method. In their view, life is meaningful if it fulfills some desire or is meaningful to some individual.

While it is conceivable that the meaning of life is found in the physical world, it is not enough. It is important to remember that people go through multiple meanings throughout their lives. It is essential to own the process of discarding old meanings and cultivating new ones. However, this process is not a linear process and it can be a difficult one. Nonetheless, there is hope for finding meaning in our lives. Whether we find it in the physical realm or the spiritual realm depends on what we believe about ourselves.

Religious perspectives on the meaning of life generally explain human existence in terms of an implicit purpose not fully defined by humans. Leading religious institutions have signed the Charter for Compassion. In the latter case, Karen Armstrong believes that ritual and commentary are vital in finding meaning. However, she emphasizes that religious beliefs should not be interpreted too literal. The more you study the meaning of life, the more you will understand how it works. If you’re wondering what the meaning of life is, take a moment to read this article.