The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness

‘The End of Happiness’ follows the lives of several different characters. The main characters are Moon Ye-won and Hae-sung. Hae-sung’s character, Sang-hee, tries to kidnap Yi-hyun, but she is already too ill to survive. Sae-Bom, on the other hand, is hooked up to machines and gets blood drawn. Meanwhile, Seo-Yoon visits her mother in the hospital, where she is infected. However, she is able to play off the infection as a mild cold. Seo-Yoon, meanwhile, is being prepared for surgery. Eun-Ji, a neighbor, arrives to soothe her and save her.

Despite the popularity of the film, the story is far from happy. People are often forced to be happy, and eventually backlash gathers. Then, the trend fades, a new one appears, and the cycle repeats itself. The cynics have sympathy for this, but it’s hard to find a good solution to this crisis of human nature. A cynic might say that forced happiness is akin to forced fun, as it can make people appear to be happy while they are not actually having any.

Happiness can be an ill-advised goal, and Kant argues that the human soul needs a higher purpose than pursuing happiness. Ultimately, happiness leads to pride and presumption, and Kant argues that happiness is unsatisfactory without a qualification. By stating the obvious, happiness isn’t a good reason to commit immoral actions. So, if happiness isn’t the goal of life, what are we supposed to do?