The End of Fear – Book Review

The End of Fear is a book about overcoming fear that is packed with ideas and experiences. Drawing on thirty years of psychotherapy, Richard and Bonney present a plan for transforming fear into love, joy, and peace. Fear undermines confidence and undermines your experience of life. Learning to eliminate fear can free you to enjoy life to the fullest. If you’ve always felt unloved, The End of Fear can help you discover how much love you can give to yourself.

Part 1 of Fear Street was set in 1666, when Shadyside, Pennsylvania, was under a curse from a witch. This curse was put upon Shadyside in 1666, and the town of Shadyside was cursed by Sarah Fier, who was murdered by the Puritanical leadership for being a witch. Despite the inequity of these occurrences, Puritanical leadership used their oppressive power to kill those outside the social norm.

The story revolves around a young lawyer named Martin Vail. The media has been waiting for his interview, and they think he’s a hero. What’s really happening is that Vail fell prey to a psychopath’s manipulations. He ends up out the back door and finds himself all alone. The media coverage of this case has a far-reaching effect on the community, and the story is an excellent read.