How to Be More Human

How to be More Human

If you’ve ever wondered how to be more human, consider the following tips. In addition to personalizing your brand’s messaging, you should focus on all touch points with consumers, including writing and tone of voice. A human-like experience can be achieved through real-life interaction and a genuine interest in the consumer’s needs and desires. Then, take action to make your brand more human. We are only human and we need to act accordingly!

Reebok has a bold challenge for the world: “Be More Human.” The campaign aims to encourage fitness enthusiasts to rebel against shiny, perfect selfies, and to share broken selfies. The Be More Human Experience is a creative platform for fitness enthusiasts to express their own individuality, while also honoring Reebok’s employees and athletes. The best submissions will be showcased in a photo essay called ‘#breakyourselfie’. This photo essay will feature the story of a friend or a group of people. The “Be More Human” campaign will launch with a television advertisement on NBC, airing on February 1, 2015.