The End of Happiness

In the last episode of “The End of Happiness,” Sae-Bom watches videos of Yi-Hyun on her phone. She is hooked up to a machine and has her blood drawn. Meanwhile, Seo-Yoon is visiting her mother in the hospital. Her mother is infected, but she plays it off as a cold. Meanwhile, Seo-Yoon will be undergoing surgery to remove the infection, and she asks her sister to watch her while she is recovering. When Eun-Ji turns around, she tells them to keep an eye on each other.

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness is a good example of this type of story. The end of Happiness is a satisfying conclusion for the series. The characters are both human and zombie, and the plot is incredibly compelling. Apocalyptic scenarios, with a building full of zombies and a police officer being bitten by a zombie, entail a great deal of suspense and drama. As the show progresses, a surprising twist reveals itself: Yi Hyun becomes a zombie after he bites Andrew’s neck.

The ending of Happiness is quite shocking. It reveals the horror of the infectious disease situation and the aftermath of the treatment. It leaves viewers in a state of disbelief, and the main characters are forced to relive the moments they were happy. The resulting chaos is reminiscent of a real-life disaster. In this case, a person who’s been hit by a bullet will end up with a stab wound.