How to Be More Human

How to be More Human

The industrial revolution taught us all that we need mass production and human dependency. Now ATMs are replacing your local bank teller. Call centers have become the cost centers of our society. The next industrial revolution will teach us that we need a human face in our companies and industries. The next industrial revolution will help us create a more human experience for our customers. If you want to win that competition, you need to become more human.

The first step toward becoming more human is to understand that humans are not perfect. This applies to our online interactions as well. Using dictation all the time would be odd, and many organizations don’t have people who can do it. Likewise, acknowledging mistakes and shortcomings in your online interactions will make you more human. You will also be better able to communicate with your followers and clients. But you still need to remember that humans make mistakes and are a fragile species.

Using natural language will help you communicate with other people. In addition, avoid using artificial preservatives and additives. These products can be harmful to your health. Moreover, they can make you feel less human. Instead of relying on these artificial ingredients, make use of natural language and avoid all types of artificial products. When you use natural language, you can be as human as possible. We will feel more human if we can express our emotions and thoughts in our writing.