Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a world where women don’t have to fear being harassed by men. Where police officers are no longer feared. Where immigrants and refugees are treated with compassion. Where children are loved, and violence and conflict are settled with nonviolent methods. Where climate change is a non-issue. These are all possibilities in an imaginary world. If we could all live like this, we would all be free of fear.

Imagine a World Without Fear

As a result of sin, fear has a direct origin. God created man in His image, fearless. But when man sinned, God introduced the signal of “fear.” Originally, this signal was to protect man. A true “Godly Fear” signals wisdom in danger. The goal of this virtual event is to empower individuals to embrace their fears and live more fulfilling lives. This year’s theme is “Envisioning a World Without Shame.”

While fear is a natural reaction to danger, it is not a necessary part of life. We should always choose to face our fears. When paired with courage, fear can be a catalyst for change. It is a signal that inspires us to innovate, take risks, and empower ourselves. With this vision, we can create a world where everyone can live without fear. Once we’ve made this choice, we can start creating the world we want to live in.