How to Be Less Human

How to be Less Human

The author of How to be Less Human, Shawn Kovacich, is known for his series of books about fear, identity, and leadership. His latest novel feels slower than the others, but the overall plot still holds up. He combines his experiences into a compelling tale. This is an excellent choice for reluctant readers. Aim for a mature audience, but keep it simple for young readers. You won’t regret reading this book.

Dr. Bridget Duffy, the chief medical officer at Vocera, a company that makes wireless communicators for hospitals, speaks about the ’80-20 rule’ in the health profession. She explains that only 20% of healing is due to surgery or drug treatments. The other 80% is based on the doctor-patient interaction. In this way, an electronic human could be dehumanizing. But will it work?

Kteily and Waytz point out that we can’t simply remove humans from our society. This is not the case. The brain doesn’t understand that humans are not perfect. The brain is not always right or balanced. In addition to this, the human-machine interface can also cause a disconnect between the two. And it’s not just humans that can be dehumanized. In fact, many of us have been subjected to the same behavior by the same people. The prevailing wisdom is that most of us won’t admit to it.