The End of Happiness – Epilogue

The ending of The End of Happiness was a tumultuous ride. The climax of the drama was a shocking reveal that left viewers wondering if it was a happy or tragic end. The epilogue is also very heartbreaking, with the broken heart of Yi Hyun. The episode ended on a sad note and the lovers were both punished. After all, happiness is not something that you can experience with one person.

The End of Happiness

The ending of The End of Happiness was a bittersweet moment for many. The show’s producers teased the shocking situation regarding infectious disease, the treatments and the lingering feelings. Ultimately, it appears that the tvN drama was a triumph, with an audience-pleasant outcome. Fortunately, the show has a happy ending, as it ties in the series’ themes. This episode also ends on a positive note.

The episode opens with Sae-Bom watching videos of Yi-Hyun on her phone. She is also having blood drawn, and is hooked up to several machines. Seo-Yoon is visiting her mother in the hospital. Her mother has contracted a mysterious disease and has to remain hidden for the sake of her health. While in the hospital, she is also getting ready for a surgical procedure. In the end, she asks her best friend to look after her while she recovers.