Why Humans Love Music

The science of music is fascinating. It helps us understand the human psyche and the many reasons why humans love it. In a recent study conducted by McGill University, scientists looked at how the brain reacts to music. The authors used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to determine what the brain does when people listen to different types of music. The participants were then given an excerpt from four different kinds of songs to listen to. The researchers then asked them to rate how enjoyable each of the songs was.

Why Humans Love Music

The first reason why we love music is its pleasure. Music stimulates our brain’s reward centers, which releases dopamine. This chemical helps us feel good, which is a good reason why we love music. We also feel better when listening to music. Aside from the positive effects of the music, it can help us cope with daily life. For example, music can help us get away from our busy lives. It also allows us to relax, which is a good thing for our health.

One study found that listening to music can increase the amount of blood flowing in our brains. When we listen to music, our blood flow rises and falls, which is associated with feelings of reward, emotion, and arousal. This behavior is important to our survival and is crucial for our relationships. Another study conducted at McGill College found that when people were exposed to certain types of music, they experienced goosebumps. The same brain structures were activated when people were exposed to other euphoric stimuli, like dancing.