How to Be Less Human

How to be Less Human

How to be Less Human by Jerri Blank is a novel about how one becomes an android. She is a 46 year old dropout with a tinier conscience and surrounded by people without morals. Throughout the book, she learns the importance of being less human and how to make the most of your experience as an android. Her story is a cautionary tale for us all. This book is recommended for all ages.

The main message of How to be Less Human is that our commodification is leading to the dehumanization of individuals. We are not just commodified, we are made to be sold, and we are not born that way. So, it is important to make an effort to become less human and make our experience matter. In the process, we are sacrificing our connection to others. This is the most important lesson that we can take from this book.

There are a number of reasons for this. The commodification of people is a major issue. We are unable to connect with each other as human beings. We are treated as commodities. We are not even entitled to the same level of privacy. Despite this, we are still allowed to have feelings. In other words, when a person is treated as an object, they are being commodified.