The Meaning of Life

There are many different viewpoints on the meaning of life. Some focus on the purpose of our life; others focus on the soul. Some believe that the purpose of our lives is to know God and enjoy Him. Other people believe that their lives have meaning because they reflect some aspect of God in Christ. In either case, the purpose of their lives is to enjoy God without end. In other words, there is a “why” to your life.

The Meaning of Life

What makes life meaningful is the willful interpretation of our existence. We assign meaning to our lives when we are able to express ourselves creatively. Our life is a process of creation, which speaks to us in ways that the masses may not understand. Our creations may speak to many people or to no one at all. Regardless of whether we believe in the purpose of our lives, our creativity is what gives our lives meaning. And it is only when we are creative that we discover our life’s meaning.

The pursuit of knowledge is intrinsic to human nature. We seek knowledge to understand the nature of the universe. And we seek it through our beliefs, devotion, worship, and the quality of life we live with others. In fact, Jesus’s statement embodies the highest of the seven heavenly commandments. Hence, it is not surprising that we would want to learn as much as we can about what we can. There’s no reason to waste our life.