Imagine a World Without Fear

The title of the book, “Imagine a World Without Fear”, sums it up. It is a beautiful and hopeful vision of a world where men no longer harass women and people of color aren’t afraid of the police. Children are cherished and every child is treated with compassion. Conflicts are resolved without violence, and every government is working to reduce the effects of climate change. But how do we get there?

Imagine a World Without Fear

The virtual event features international speakers, panel discussions, creative workshops, and more. Special guest speakers include Reverend Professor Keith Magee, James Richardson, Clare Talbot-Jones, and Richard Clay. Another workshop will feature the work of Rob Baker, a professional speaker and expert in job crafting. In this workshop, participants will learn new tools and techniques to thrive in their careers. The book is free for participants.

This virtual event will feature keynote speakers, creative workshops, and panel discussions from around the world. Guest speakers include Dr. Gavin de Becker, Reverend Professor Keith Magee, Clare Talbot-Jones, and James Richardson. The book will also feature a speech by Rob Baker, who will discuss job crafting and thriving in your job. The event will be held by Hopin, a world-renowned guru on the topic of fear.