The End of Happiness – A Review

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness is a romantic comedy drama in South Korea. It revolves around the death of a beloved couple who are destined for a happier life. The characters are in love with each other and want to stay together. However, they can’t be happy without each other. The end of Happiness is both satisfying and heartbreaking, and it’s the perfect way to conclude a romance drama. While the story may have been predictable at first, it grew on me as the story went on.

The end of Happiness was filled with twists and turns. The tumultuous episode brought Yi Hyun and Sae Bom back to their apartment. The situation was particularly difficult for the two of them. While they were in the apartment, Yi Hyun began to feel thirsty, which caused him to worry for Sae Bom’s safety. Eventually, he decided to stay behind and look after her.

The series ends with a tumultuous episode. The gang comes back to the apartment, where Yi Hyun is hooked up to machines and getting blood taken. At the same time, Seo-Yoon visits her mum in the hospital. Although she has an infection, she plays it off as a cold. She’s also being prepped for a surgical procedure, and asks Sae-Bom to stay in the apartment until she’s ready to undergo the procedure. During the final scene, Yi Hyun finds herself in a hospital bed and unable to leave the apartment.